The orchestra constantly supports young talented artists, giving them the opportunity to perform in the concert programs of the orchestra as soloists.
With the orchestra in the early 90-ies performed young soloists Boris Berezovsky and Denis Matsuev, who later became the winners of the International competition named after P. I. Tchaikovsky and the world-famous performers.
              Since 1995, the orchestra annually holds the Moscow international festival of young soloists, brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments, as well as young singers aged 8 to 18 years. Among the participants of the festival – there are young talents, first performing with the orchestra, and there are experienced laureates of Russian and international contests and scholars of the international charity Fund "New names" and Vladimir Spivakov Foundation. In rehearsals with the orchestra, young performers are given the necessary assistance, taking into consideration their personality: they get an invaluable experience of real singing with the orchestra.      

               For the last 20 years in concerts of festivals brought together over 500 young talents from Moscow, other cities of Russia, CIS and countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
The winners of the festival were young talents from the USA – pianists J. Lihou, B., bielawski, K. Tanikawa, don Hugh violinist, violist dawn Michelle Smith; from Japan – the pianist E. Tatsumichi, Germany – violinist A. Wetzig, from Benin (Africa) – Aimone Gerard, from China – the pianist'an to Yichun and other young talents from France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, and other countries.
              Prominent performers who have won not one victory at the international competitions, become winners of the 1st festival – pianists Daria Ryabova and Pavel Nebol'sin, the violinist Pavel Minev (Bulgaria) and cellist Sergey Antonov: laureates of the II-th festival – pianists Alexander Kobrin, brothers don and Min Dong Hyuk from Korea; the winners of the III festival – the pianist Yulianna Avdeeva, the horn player Alexey Karpets, trumpeter Vladislav Lavrik, which is now a soloist and conductor of the Russian national orchestra under the direction of M. Pletnev.

             The laureates of the subsequent festivals reached high achievements – the pianist A. Korobeynikov, A. Pavlovsky cellist, pianist Eduard Kunz, V. Serov, oboist, violinist Kwun Hugh Joo (Korea), trumpeter K. Soldatov, clarinetist Vladimir Uryupin, (become conductor), oboist Vladimir Nazarov, I. Stasinska flutist, pianist DM.Mayboroda, and the winner of the YII-th festival cellist Narek hakhnazaryan was the winner of XIV International P.I.Tchaikovsky competition. This list can go on, because many of the participants of the festivals lead active artistic life and constantly strive to improve.
              In the concerts of the XX-th anniversary of the festival involved young artists from Moscow, from the city of Togliatti, and also from Latvia and Korea.

           The organizing Committee of the festival, which includes people's artist of Russia Vladimir P. Ovchinnikov, the honoured artist of arts of Russia Michail S.Khokhlov , honored artist of Russia Vladimir  S.  Shish and honored artist of Russia, musicologist Natalya Panasyuk N. In., are deeply grateful to music educational institutions from Moscow, other Russian cities and CIS countries, their wonderful teachers, giving all their talent, skill and experience to new generations of musicians.

             Our annual festivals are the parades of young talents, testifying to the inexhaustible source of development and enrichment of the Russian performing school, which occupies one of leading places in the world musical culture.