"... the orchestra directed by Dmitry Orlov slowly but surely moving to the top of the Olympus... Recently the orchestra has performed at the Great hall of the Conservatory. The concert was dedicated to the 120th anniversary since the birth of S. V. Rachmaninov... This conductor with simple, classic "starter", with a good manual technique. A strict follower of traditions of Russian school... ; "subject," the orchestra celebrates his musical bona fide and exceptional performance... He carefully works out the details and judging by the performance, "little things" for him there".
The newspaper "Culture", 1994

"After the orchestra performance of the Fifth Symphony hall literally exploded with applause. Of course, the "guilt" that was life-affirming and majestic music of Beethoven, its tremendous emotional impact. But there was a warm flush of gratitude to the orchestra and the conductor, so musically and dramatically convincing whole has performed this work".
The newspaper "Evening Moscow", 1995

"Moscow state Symphony orchestra artistic Director and principal conductor is honored artist of Russia Dmitry Orlov, is still young...But has already managed to win widespread acceptance, and love not only music lovers but also the General public. Because this kind of orchestra, the whole musical devoted to the younger generation. In each program, and the orchestra had great variety, included new names of young musicians in order to give the future soloists of the opportunity to acquire performing experience. The result, as a rule, is magnificent."
The newspaper "Moskovskaya Pravda", 1996

"Such orchestra in the world. It aims to teach classical music to the younger generation... the high class of this orchestra is said that the First piano Concerto and Shostakovich's First Symphony of Brahms, performed by him in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, were immediately during the concert was recorded and later included in the CD".
"Literary newspaper", 1997

Daily concert in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory. In the program's Third Symphony, Concerto for violin and orchestra Hungarian dances of Brahms... Brahms – romance complicated to perform and to understand. Why are the audience so vividly and emotionally perceive it? Feelings inherent in the music of Brahms – tenderness and sadness, the joy, the passion and the drama is perfectly embodied in the orchestra, and cannot fail to touch people's hearts"...
The app "Art" to the newspaper "First of September", 1999

"The high class of this orchestra they say sold out on subscription concerts in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatoire. And last fall, while touring marathon in 14 cities of Italy, the orchestra made three major programs in the Hall Verdi of the Milan Conservatory..."
The newspaper "Culture", July 2002

"...He is the conductor of the Russian school, a staunch adherent and follower of its traditions. The main thing for him as interpretator – the author's intent, the idea works, her style... he is clear, concise and expressive conducting gesture, accurately reproduces his performing intentions. Interpretations are always well thought out, differing as fresh interpretations of the solutions and stylistic purity and the logic of the development of musical thoughts."
The magazine "Musical life" № 1, 2003

"Over the past fifteen years has formirovaniya thorough performance style of the orchestra, from season to season, increasing his repertoire... Becoming a full-fledged art collective, which is subject to scores of any complexity, orchestra Dmitry Orlov continues to solve the most important musical and educational objectives, referring to young (primarily) and to a wide audience..."

The magazine "Musical life" № 7, 2004

"...the main achievement of the Orlov – a consistently high creative level annually Moscow international festival of young soloists... Among professionals for Orlov reputation for interesting and serious a thinking musician with a broad professional outlook, clearly manifesting itself in different stylistic spheres that demonstrates proficiency in conducting skills..."

The magazine "Musical life" № 6, 2006

More than 1000 concerts, interesting subscription cycles, monographic concerts devoted to the works of great composers repertoire Luggage is a tireless educator who is convinced that beauty will save the world."
The newspaper "Music review", October 2007

Moscow state Symphony orchestra under the baton of conductor Dmitry Orlov, who devoted most of its activities to the education of children and youth on one side of the scale puts the concerts in the Great hall of the Conservatory and Hall Church Councils, and the other halls of Palaces of culture of Moscow and Moscow region. And in those and in other cases, the orchestra is equally responsible – the concerts he conducts with dedication."
The newspaper "Culture", December 2007

"D. Orlov conducted the concerts of the Symphony orchestra of Belgorod Philharmonic (Beethoven. Symphony No. 7. Tchaikovsky. Concerto for violin and orchestra. The soloist R. Zamuruev) and the National Symphony orchestra of Uzbekistan (Mozart. Symphony No. 41, arias from operas, works of the family of J. Strauss) the newspaper "Music review", No. 9 – 2008 "For 20 years the orchestra has passed a long way. In fact, we have excellent creative team who poses a challenging task and cope well with them...The staff turned into a large-scale educational the center..."
The magazine "Musical life" № 5, 2009

"To the memory of Sergey Yesenin" ... the program is well thought out, diverse, and creative with introducing a great poet, and with magnificent works of Russian composers, efficiently and enthusiastically performed... for over 20 years the Moscow state Symphony orchestra Dmitry Orlov are engaged in this critical educational activities, achieving a bright impressive results".
The newspaper "Culture", November 2010

"...Dmitry Orlov for more than 20 years focuses on the thematic programmes, where the music is served through the prism of literature. Moving on anniversaries. The MSSO showed programs devoted to Pushkin, L. Tolstoy, Gogol, Yesenin, Dostoevsky..."
"Literary newspaper", November 2011

"A talented conductor and teacher, You make a significant contribution to the development of Russian and world culture, the promotion among youth of the richest traditions of Russian performing school. You created the Moscow state Symphony orchestra for children and youth for almost a quarter of a century successfully performed in our country and abroad, delighting many fans of classical art".
From Congratulatory telegram to Dmitry M. Orlov of the Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin, October 2012

"For the anniversary concert of Dmitry Orlov chose a program of masterpieces by Russian composers of XIX-XX centuries. Made at the beginning of the Nocturne and Scherzo from the First violin Concerto of Shostakovich... is immediately possible to appreciate great instrumental level of the team... then it was the turn of spectacular Gogol-Suite Schnittke. In the second part, when I heard "Pictures at an exhibition" by Mussorgsky (orchestrated Ravel)... world of fairy heroes artist Hartmann, embodied in sounds will of Musorgsky, Orloff appeared in all the magnificence of orchestra colours.
The newspaper "Culture", November 2012 .

"Moscow state Symphony orchestra for children and youth celebrated the 200th birthday since the birth of Richard Wagner... In the Overture to "flying Dutchman" of the great musicians recreated the picture of the raging of the sea, a string of demonic zones of copper... Soprano Natalia Polyaninova convincingly embodied the unusual images of Wagnerian heroines Senta, and then Elsa "Lohengrin", the entr'acte to the act III "Londrina" - always a test for the clergy: the musicians handed him perfectly, recreating the atmosphere of festive excitement and the rise of... Overture to "the mastersingers of Nuremberg" is famous for its "reefs"... require clear rhythmic organization and ensemble precision. Dmitry Orlov led the ship's orchestra, as an experienced pilot safely to the goal, completing the concert with a triumphant assertion of their skill and relevance of Wagner's music..."
The newspaper "Culture", April 2013

"XX Anniversary Moscow international festival of young soloists... the Noble aim of the festival is to give a chance to young talents to Express themselves from the scene of one of the best concert halls of Russia, to speak with a Symphony orchestra. Conductor Dmitry Orlov carefully rehearsed program, and students have the opportunity to pogruzitsya in the atmosphere of co-creation, become a single unit with such a complex organism as the orchestra."
The newspaper "Culture", March 2014

"In the speeches of the MSSO (program "dedicated to M. Y. Lermontov" was successfully replicated in seven concert halls of the capital, reaching a huge audience) is always precisely calculated contrasts. Yes, and without it, because the attention of the youth audience all the time have to fight, and it's worth noting that Dmitry Orlov managed to raise a grateful listener. Even during the most challenging works guys trying to unravel the message of the author, at the time, disconnecting from gadgets..."
"Literary newspaper", November 2014