"... in the US there is no team like an orchestra Dmitry Orlov. At rehearsals I was convinced that the eagles are a serious conductor, and the musicians in the orchestra work. It seems to me that if this band will come to the States, children will be captivated by its sound"
Interview of Professor – North Texas University, famous pianist Dmitry Banowetz
The newspaper "Moskovskaya Pravda", 1994

"In the Great hall of the National Philharmonic in the last five years more often are the stars of the far abroad – Romanian, Italian musicians. And here to whom ever is a Russian conductor, artistic Director the Moscow state Symphony orchestra Dmitry Orlov, brilliantly prodirizhiroval to the delight of Chisinau lovers of serious music difficult pieces of French Impressionists Debussy and Ravel".
The newspaper "Chisinau truth", 1995

"Dmitry Orlov prepared a concert program from the works of Arensky, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky with the chamber orchestra by College-Musicum "Bankya", led by artistic Director Professor Emil Anawim. In the concert hall "Bulgaria", thanks to the excellent manual technique and deep emotion, Dmitry Orlov has made the orchestra's delicate phrasing and bright, formal embodiment of Executive forms. The first piano Concerto of Shostakovich was wonderfully executed young pianist Eli Carnevil. It is very important that the sound of "Variations on a theme of Tchaikovsky" and Arensky's "Serenade for string orchestra" by Tchaikovsky felt a true Russian atmosphere that had a profound impact on everyone in the room".
The magazine "Radio and television of Bulgaria", 1995


"I admired the creative discipline of the orchestra and, if I may say so, art submission: musicians show no ambition, to perform all the instructions of the conductor."

From an interview with American conductor M. Gabby

The newspaper "Music review", 1996

"Great enthusiasm and satisfaction to lovers of music in Fino Mornasco caused the concert on Saturday evening in the city Park. IN celebration of the 100th anniversary since the birth of the musical society named j.Verdi was invited to the exclusive guest – Moscow state
Symphony orchestra who had just arrived in Italy and in the coming days will speak in Canto YI at the International piano competition. The concert program is in Russian traditions, like visiting card of the orchestra sounded under the direction of Dmitry Orlov. In the first part of the concert was Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony – a magnificent fresco in sound, with exciting impulses and lyrical passages...
Excellent presentation continued with a thrilling performance of orchestral works Glinka, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and Khachaturian...

The newspaper "La Provincia", Italy, 1996

"The program of the concert by conductor Dmitry Orlov began with a performance of "Pictures at an exhibition" by Mussorgsky made a surprisingly emotional, fresh, whole... In the performance of "Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini" for piano and orchestra Rachmaninoff the orchestra provided a sensitive and expressive pianist partner Anna Uspenskaya from Monaco..."

The newspaper "San news", Las Cruces, state of new Mexico, USA, 1998

"Moscow state Symphony orchestra has brought the Mosel festival wide world of music. The orchestra played works so vividly, dynamically and smoothly that it is difficult to find the words, nor anything we haven't heard... the Conducting by Dmitry Orlov – precise, expressive and unobtrusive – gave a musical performance brilliance, passion and depth."
The newspaper "news of Trier", Germany, 1999

"Yesterday... evening in the Palace of sport in a wonderful performance of the orchestra under the direction of Dmitry Orlov sounded the works of Russian composers Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Dunaevsky, Sviridov and amazing music by Johann Strauss... the hall was filled with the romantic spirit, the atmosphere of beauty and harmony..."

"Evening newspaper Citu",, Jinan, China, 2000

"Perfect level of performance proved to the Moscow state Symphony orchestra... Magnificent was the performance of Ariadne Ancevski in a Violin concert Brahms... In the second part were performed Prokofiev's classical Symphony and Capriccio Italien Tchaikovsky's running excellent conductor Dmitry Orlov..."
The newspaper "Business Court", Messina, Italy, 2001

"Moscow state Symphony orchestra under Dmitry Orlov acted in the hall of the Verdi three times during the tour – an unprecedented case at all! Marathon touring orchestra is a 17 concerts in 14 cities of Italy, it's 25 works performed in theatres, cathedrals, universities... Spoiled celebrities Italian press reacted very kindly to concerts Muscovites..."

"Parlamentskaya Gazeta" (review of the Italian press), 2002

"... the Russian guests showed himself as a first-class orchestra. Better than the performance of the Overture to "Force of destiny" Verdi and the ballet Suite "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev and it was impossible to be. Under the trowels precisely Dmitry Orlov orchestra played flawlessly..."

The newspaper "Giessener Anzeiger", city of Marburg, Germany, 2003

"..."Waltz", which was conceived by Ravel as a choreographic poem, sounded very convincing in the interpretation of the Moscow orchestra under Dmitry Orlov. As
effectively was "Bolero": form, harmony and themes revealed seeming ritualism of the music, the ever-increasing strength and beauty, like the road, with which it is impossible to go..."

The newspaper "Borktntr Zeitung", Germany, 2003

"...in Limburg Moscow state Symphony orchestra proved to be an excellent, well-coordinated team, ideally performing music of every style and genre..."

The newspaper "Wassanische nene Presse", Germany, 2003

"...Follow not to mention exceptional craftsmanship conductor Dmitry Orlov, appeared in the accompaniment to the soloist Rodion Zamuruev in a Violin concert by Tchaikovsky, performed by the "Design "Spanish Capriccio" by Rimsky-Korsakov and "the Firebird" by Stravinsky..."

The newspaper "Loverdad", Murcia, Spain, 2005

"...Moscow state Symphony orchestra in Cologne the Philharmonic was on tour in 2003 and now stood before the audience to in a more interesting way. Dramatically live episodes fantasy "Night on Bald Mountain" by Mussorgsky and "Romeo and Juliet" by Tchaikovsky were wonderful and great... Maestro Dmitry Orlov fully performed their duty and without roughness, with steady hand led the soloists in the Second piano Concerto of Rachmaninoff with Elena Kolesnichenko and in "Variations on a Rococo theme" by Tchaikovsky with cellist Alexander Khramushin..."

The newspaper "Kelner Schtadtanzeiner", 2007

"... The concert of the Moscow orchestra under the direction of Dmitry Orlov on the eve of the New year has pleased a large audience who filled the cultural center... it Was very nice to listen to amazing music from Tchaikovsky's ballets. And wonderful waltzes, polkas and marches by Johann Strauss along with the beautiful singing of Natalia Polyaninova was a real delight..."

"Evening newspaper", January 2009 Shanghai, China

"A great feeling of tension and tragic depression have been clearly expressed in the performance of the Fourth Symphony by Tchaikovsky... With a constant precision and deep musicality he led his orchestra Dmitry Orlov, carefully creating sound colors and timbres, expressive subtleties of the Symphony".

The newspaper "Nachrichten Ludenscheider", may 2011


"The high point of the evening was the performance of Rachmaninoff's Second Symphony, in e minor. It makes no sense to praise musicians and technically perfect and synchronous execution... the Audience could not help but love highly romantic sound of the Symphony. But as the orchestra under the baton of conductor Dmitry Orlov, it would seem almost imperceptibly, with small gestures sending signals to the orchestra, sounds great, impresses with its magnificent ensemble, besides changing the tempo and the rhythm "from all this are breathtaking..."

The newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung, Leyton", may 2011

"The magical influence of music, alluring in its fullness and power... we are talking about the concert, about a magnificent band . Suite "the Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky was a great spectacle, when under the leadership of Dmitry Orlov held the action of the beloved Russian fairy tale "the Firebird"... As something special sounded wonderful spiritual tools... After the intermission, particularly a monumental and technically flawless presented the Symphony No. 9, Op. 70 By Dmitri Shostakovich...

The newspaper "Bad Pyrmont", March 2014

"By the heavenly light and incredibly expressive" ... the whole evening was emotionally and on a high note... in "the Firebird" by Igor Stavinsky felt charming French flavor, and Symphony No. 9 Shostakovich was inseparable from the humor of Haydn Iosea diluted grotesque and sarcasm..."

The newspaper "Ingolstadt", March 2014